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Using the RFI-Motorola Grid: The RFI-Motorola online interface provides a..

Using the RFI-Motorola Grid:

The RFI-Motorola online interface provides a highly-functional grid for viewing and retrieving product information.  Below are some details to help with more effectively navigating RFI-Motorola documentation using the grid features.

1.  Sort column data by clicking on column headers.  
     Filter column display results by keying desired criteria in open field and pressing [enter].  
     Reset filter criteria by clearing criteria in field and pressing [enter].   

2.  Select documents by clicking on  (select box) next to desired item.  
     Open document in new tab or window by clicking on  (PDF Document Symbol).  

3.  The grid toolbar –  – is used for all functionality related to the grid including full data Search capabilities , Reload or Refresh of grid data , Opening  and Downloading  multiple selected documents.  


Multi-Select Features:

Advanced Power Monitor   RFI Motorola

Antennas   RFI Motorola

Control Station Combiners   RFI Motorola

Tower Top Amplifiers   RFI Motorola

4.  To select multiple documents, click on the 
 (select box) then perform desired action (Item 5 below…).

5.  Either Open  all selected documents in new windows or tabs (ensure allow pop-ups is enabled in browser for website) or Download  all selected documents in a single zip archive.







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